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Amherst Information Architects

• Business and IT Planning • Design & Project Assessment • Team and Project Development • Special Services
• Client List Case Studies:   • IT Planning   • Application Design   • Culture Change


To maximize your IT investments -
We help you:

  • Align business and IT for maximum impact
  • Assure business needs are met
  • Lower true cost of IT
  • Keep IT projects focused, on track, and on budget

Research shows that the greatest challenges
IT projects encounter are
"non-technical" in origin

  As a result:

  • 70% of IT projects fail to meet expectations
  • 18% are never completed

We are different because we focus on:

  • Fitting IT into the business ecosystem
  • Enhancing communication between business and IT staff
  • Assessing viability of designs and projects
  • Developing teams and team process
  • Keeping projects on track
  • Coaching and advising executives

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